3 in 1 Sun Screen with Powerful Anti-aging Effect

3 in 1 Sun Screen with Powerful Anti-aging Effect

Did you know 90% of the skins of aging are due to the sun?

Sun damage to skin can result in wrinkles, discoloration, breakdown of the skin's structure, skin growths and even cancer.

To protect beautiful skin, it is so important to have a balance between strong protection and gentleness to the skin.

CASMARA proposes a new type of oil-free sunscreen that mixes three different barriers and specializes in anti-aging and antioxidants.



【Types of Ultraviolet Rays】

There are two types of ultraviolet rays that affect human skin, UV-A and UV-B.

UV-B is a short wavelength light that causes sunburn, swelling, and burning on the surface of the skin.

UV-A reaches the dermis of the skin with long wavelength light and damages skin components such as collagen and elastin, causing wrinkles and sagging.

Each reaches different tissues of the skin and is a major cause of skin aging.

In order to protect the skin from these UV rays, sunscreen uses an index called SPF and symbolizes the protective effect from UVA to show its effect.


【Effects of Infrared Rays on The Skin

Around 48% of IRA(a type of IR radiation) can reach the dermis and directly affect the fibroblasts in human skin and it's proven to responsible for increasing photoaging.

It mainly acts by developing deeper wrinkles and including the loss of collagen fibers, due to two mechanisms.

1. Disturbed balance between MMP-1 and its specific inhibitor, TIMP-1:it increases the proportion of MMP-1, a metalloproteinase involved in the degradation of type-I dermal collagen. Its natural inhibitor int he skin is called TIMP-1, and it's in a lower proportion, the balance tips in favour of collagen degradation.

2. Reduced regulation of the genes involved in new collagensynthesis.

Furthermore, although we don't feel the heat from IR-A rays, they do cause heat in the deep layers of skin.

The "thermal stress" affect the cells and increasing the number and action of free radicals, which attack healthy cells and cause aging.


【How to Prevent Photoaging

◉Physical filters: Act by reflecting all solar radiation, making them broad-spectrum. They're a type of screen that remains on skin's surface and reflects sunlight.

As they're not absorbed, they're the safest type and are used in sunscreens for children.

The main disadvantage is unpleasant greasy texture with white leaving the skin with white marks.

◉Chemical filters: It capture or absorb solar energy, turning into another type of energy that's safe for the skin.

As they're absorbed by the skin, their main inconvenience is a lower tolerance and the possibility of causing irritation.

Unlike physical filters, they have the advantage of being very pleasant texture on a cosmetic level.

◉Organomineral filters: Insoluble chemical filters with the benefits of both the chemical (cosmetic) and physical ones (safety).

These can act either by absorbing or reflecting, or even by combining both mechanisms (dispersing or scattering).

They're considered the future of total photoprotection.

Their advantage is that they have 2 strong points.

1. The cosmetic benefits (easy application, texture, etc,) of the chemical filters.

2. Safety (high sun protection and low reactivity.)


Photoaging Control Gel Cream

Facial sunscreen with SPF 50+ (50ml)

It effectively prevent photoaging and treat the signs of aging by fully pampering the skin with sublime, light and very pleasant textures.

At the same time, they effectively protect against solar radiation, thanks to their high SPFs and TOTAL PROTECT broad-spectrum system, protecting the skin against UVA, UVB and IR rays.


WHY Photoaging Control Gel Cream?

・Its gentle oil-free facial gel cream texture is perfect fro any time of day, spreads easily and absorbs quickly, leaving the skin soft, smooth and shine-fee after application.

・Very high protection factor and anti-aging properties to prevent photoaging.

・Globally and effectively protects against solar radiation, thanks to studied combination of filters (Organomineral filters) and ingredients that offer broad-spectrum UVA, UVB and IR protection.

・Its powerful antioxidant properties, it also provides high cell protection against the free radicals that cause photoaging.

3 Powerful Action

1. Protective: protects the skin against UVA, UVB and IR solar radiation with SPF 50+.

2. Anti-aging: improves skin elasticity and firmness. Prevents and delays photoaging.

3. Antioxidant: prevents and repairs the damage caused by free radicals.



COMBINATION OF SUN FILTERS: next-generation broad-spectrum sunscreens for global protection.


・A powerful multi-action anti-aging ingredient that increases skin elasticity and firmness, while preventing and delaying photoaging, thanks to its powerful antioxidant properties.

・Protects the skin cells from damage caused by UV and IR exposure.

・Improves skin elasticity and firmness, smoothing and improving the appearance of wrinkles and expression lines.


Whether you're traveling, in the ocean or in the mountains, CASMARA's sunscreen protects your skin from photoaging!

Enjoy this holiday season with confidence!


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CASMARA Photoaging Control Gel Cream SPF 50+ (50ml)





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