Brand new cosmetology cream for mature skin from CASMARA

Brand new cosmetology cream for mature skin from CASMARA

Brand new cosmetology cream for mature skin from CASMARA

Have you ever used the same skin care cosmetics as usual, but felt that they didn't suit your skin?

Or have you ever been unable to realize the goodness of using high-end cosmetics that seem to be effective?

If you have that experience, today's blog should help you choose the right cosmetics.


The most important thing for life is "how to continue cell division continuously and efficiently".

Because living is a series of cell divisions, and as long as we live, we consume and divide cells at the micro level.

To do this, we eat and drink, sleep, exercise moderately, pump blood throughout the body, and deliver the nutrients we need to our cells.

For people up to the age of 20, cells throughout the body will divide evenly unless there is something special reason.

However, if your are in your 30's or older, your skin and body cells will begin to focus on "efficiency".

Even if the cells of the whole body seems to be dividing all over, the division speed will gradually slow down so that the scratches that have been made once will not disappear easily.

Eventually, when it finally stops dividing, cell death called apoptosis occurs, and the cells are decomposed.

As a result, our body ages and our skin becomes thinner, making it harder to hold nutrients than before.


In order to improve the skin condition like the beginning, instead of the conventional method of evenly distributing nutrition to all cells, we must allow cells that have slowed and weakened cell division to "preferentially" absorb nutrients.

However, unfortunately, it has become clear that cells with active cell division have a higher nutrient absorption rate.

So is there really no way to preferentially deliver nutrients to weakened cells?

Rest assured, the latest technology has created the way.


Smart Q10 GPS Technology 

CASMARA Q10 RESCUE Intensive NUTRI Cream, realized by the latest technology created by CASMARA, has made it possible to release Q10 in a preferential reaction to weakened cells.

Q10 is an essential coenzyme in human cells and is mainly involved in energy production in the mitochondria of cells.

It allows mitochondria to produce energy, allowing cells to absorb various nutrients and reactivate.

A cream with a fresh texture that everyone will love, such as between gel and cream, quickly penetrates into the skin, and Q10 GPS targets weakened cells like GPS to carry Q10.

As a result, the skin rejuvenates into plum, dense skin by activating cell division again.


It also contains Chronobalance, the active ingredient for smart epigenetic regeneration and hydration, which supports the day / night rhythm of the skin, which tends to collapse due to modern lifestyles, and supplements cell regeneration.

Its revolutionary day and night double repair effect woks on the day to nourish, energize, moisturize, and protect the skin, wrapping it in a layer of exceptional comfort, on the night to intensely repair, regenerate, help to restore the balance impaired by ageing, providing an overall improvement to the skin.



CASMARA Q10 RESCUE Intensive NUTRI Cream is especially suitable for mature skin (+60) and skin that is easily affected by changes in hormonal balance before and during menopause (+45).

Ultra-nourishing oil complex (tsubaki, argan, macadamia) gives highly nourishment to the skin, and New Youth stimulates automous synthesis of hormonal precursors and β-endrphins.


(Results of using CASMARA Q10 RESCUE Intensive NUTRI Cream for 60 consecutive days)


Click here for more details → CASMARA Q10 Rescue Intensive NUTRI Cream 

If you're not satisfied with existing cosmetics, it's worth a try.

I'm sure it will be more fun to face your skin in the mirror every day!



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