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CASMARA, a world-famous pioneer of Algae Peel-off Masks, has released a new mask kit for home treatments that allows you to enjoy a peel-off mask experience at home!!

Because the condition of the skin changes from day to day, there are a total of 8 variantions of masks that you can choose according to your skin.


1) Oxygenating & Refreshing

Purifying mask kit is compatible with all skin types, and the oxygen contained in the microcapsules promotes blood flow in the capullaries of the skin to brighten the complextion, and reduce signs of fatigue.

Formulated with algae, O2 and mint, the mask is recommended fro dark circles under the eyes, dull skin, and when you want to refresh your skin and minld.




2) Anti-free radicals

Vivid clours and refreshing scent Antioxydant mask kit prevents the first signs of skin aging and smoothes arinkles and expression lines.

Goji berries and quinoa seeds protect the skin and prevent oxidation by  environmental factors and free radicals.

It is also recommended for people who smoke.


3) Double rehydration action

Hydra mask is ideal for skin that is concerned about elasticity and dreyness.

Wakame seaweed extract and marine active ingredients provide the skin with an intensive moisture and restore elasticity and firmness. 

Strendthens the moisture retention function of dry skin.


4) Revitalizing

This Luxury mask is perfect ofor tired faces that lack vitality.

The combination of 24k gold dust, vitamins and minerals dramatically rejuvenates the skin.

This vitality boost mask promotes skin regeneration, restores elasticity and firmness, and creates a visibly bright complextion.


5) Mattifying

Shine stop mask is ideal for skin that is worried about shine and excess sebum.

Azeroglycin®️, which has a bactericidal effect on acne, and an active ingredient that balances sebum and moisture, prevent dryness and maintain optimal skin condition while suppressing shine.


6) Anti-wrinkle

Renovating mask has a powerful active ingredients that plumps the skin from inside and improves wrinkles.

It promotes call regeneration, restores smooth skin complexion, and preventes the formation of new wrinkles.


7) Repairing

Longevity mask is perfect for those who don't want to miss visible signs of aging due to external factors or age.

Tahitian black pearl powder and enriched smart peptides repair skin damage, while giving elasticity and protect the skin from both inside and outside.


8) Energizing & anti-aging

The "energy bomb" Vitalizing mask is recommended for skin that wants to regain its brightness and energy.

Neutralizes free radicals and protects the skin from photo aging.

Deeply nourishes the skin and delays aging signs.



How to use:

Each bottles contain 2 doses of mask and moisturizing cream.

Spread half of the cream evenly on the skin after cleansing, put powder 1 and gel 2 in order on the cap of the bottle, and gently stir for about 30 seconds with the attached spatula to mix evenly.

Use same spatula, gently apply on the skin except for the eyecontour and lips.(Please note that it will start to solidify 4 minutes after mixing)

Relax while feeling the wonderful effect of the algae peel-off mask on your own skin.

After 15 minutes, remove the mask, continue regular skin care.

No need to rince and wipe.



【New Release Limited Offer】

All  8 variants of CASMARA Mask Kits are now available at a special price only for the first 50 bottles to commemorate the new release!

In addition, CASMARA Purifying full treatment 75 minutes, which deep cleases the skin to replenish oxygen and enhance the penetration of any active ingredients will be presented to those who purchase 3 bottles of maski kit in single receipt.


*Additional Purifying treatment is stock out! Thank you for your supporting!!

1x CASMARA Home Mask Kit RM120 → RM99!!(Save RM21)

3x CASMARA Home Mask Kits + CASMARA Purifying treatment 75min RM638 → RM297!!(Save RM341)


Please provide promo code: Maskkit3 upon check out to get free Purifying treatment.



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Let's improve the health of your skin wogether with us!!




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